Jodine Turner


Ancient Call of the Avalon Priestess

Glastonbury, England, a.k.a. mystical Avalon, is my soul’s home.  When I lived there, I visited the Chalice Well Gardens every day. The Well was a source of deep, mystical meditations and inspiration for me personally, and also for all of my Visionary Fiction novels. In honor of Glastonbury, the Legendary Isle of Avalon I made a video called ‘Goddess Magic in Avalon: a Ritual of Re-membering.’

Re-membering because I know deep in my bones that priestesses long ago gathered beside this well to honor the Goddess. I felt their presence at the Chalice Well. Feeling them, and getting a sense and vision of their poignant history, was an intensely profound and emotional experience for me, a spiritual awakening. On some deep inexplicable level, I recognized I was once one of their kind. And they are re-gathering, ‘re-membering,’ in today’s world. 

So click on this YouTube link for ‘Goddess Magic in Avalon,’ to invoke the magic of the sacred Chalice Well Garden in Glastonbury. Experience this enchanted garden through image and evocative music, accompanied by my published poem titled ancient call of the “Avalon Priestess.”

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