Jodine Turner


Happy Winter Solstice and Grand Conjunction!

Happy Winter Solstice and Grand Conjunction! What a powerfully significant day!
This photo of Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England, is decorated beautifully for the Winter Solstice. The Chalice Well is one of my favorite spots on earth and a source of deep peace and inspiration to me. It is central to each one of my Visionary Fiction novels as well. 
Today, the Winter Solstice brings us the longest night and subsequent return to the Light. Astrologically, today also heralds the long-awaited Grand Conjunction, the threshold into the golden Age of Aquarius. A time of being the best we can envision. A time of embodied love, peace, collaboration, and cooperation for our collective humanity. 
You will see the planets Jupiter and Saturn close together (Grand Conjunction), shining as one, in the south-western sky after sunset.
What will you envision into being during this potent new era?
(photo courtesy of Michael Alexander Law)
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