Jodine Turner


Proposed Interview Questions:

  1. What is visionary fiction?
  2. What are your novels about?
  3. You say the novels are a Goddess Mystery School Initiation. Can you explain what you mean by that?
  4. How do the main characters help the reader experience the Mystery School Initiation you speak about?
  5. You say the Goddess of the Stars and the Sea helps humanity through the turbulent times preceding major shifts in human consciousness. How does she help us?
  6. The book is about a Shift of the Ages, changes in consciousness, and Global and personal healing. Can you explain?
  7. What is the wisdom of the novels?
  8. Apply this wisdom to real and present day circumstances. What did the characters do to tap into this wisdom?
  9. What is inspired by the novels?
  10. The novels address the concepts of ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ energies. Can you explain what that is, and how it is woven into the stories?
  11. Why did you write these novels?
  12. What inspired you?
  13. What is inspired by the novels?
  14. What healing do you want to facilitate with your novels?
  15. Share the experiences of the main characters in each novel – Geodran in the first novel, Rhianna in the second, and Sharay in the third.
  16. What is the essence of these characters?
  17. What is the essence of your story?
  18. What is a priestess?
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