Jodine Turner


New Year, New World…What Now?

 “We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.” ~Joseph Campbell

The Grand Conjunction commenced on December 20th. We have stepped through the portal of the portended ‘Age of Aquarius.’ What is next? 

We are in what is called the liminal space. The liminal space is the transitional phase where the old world is falling apart and the new one is being created. It is a sacred place, ripe and potent, even terrifying because we face the unknown. Yet this space is full of possibilities. In this liminal space we simply do not yet know the details of our envisioned better world. This hallowed place of transforming ‘what is no longer acceptable’ into ‘what is next’ is where the real magic happens. 

You may feel heightened intensity during this liminal period of change. You may find you vacillate between fear and conviction and all that is in-between. I still feel fear amidst my strong convictions. Our shadowy wounds in need of healing are being stirred up and emerge to be transmuted. Collectively and personally. This is normal, especially when undergoing such global massive change. Death to old paradigms allows the rebirthing of new ones. Any regeneration into something new is always preceded by turbulence, as old structures fall to make way for the new. That is precisely how rebirth and regeneration work.

In this liminal space, humankind has the opportunity to begin morphing into the embodied love we are to become. 

I invite us all to acknowledge and embrace this liminal space and process of regeneration. 


~ Open our hearts and intuition. 

~ ‘Pay exquisite attention’ as Christine McDougell says. 

~ Recognize meaningful coincidences or synchronicities. 

~ Access your creativity in whatever form it takes and let it flow. 

~ Clarify and then assume your role and purpose in visioning and creating this new world. 

We are being called to be empowered, to be resilient, to be love embodied. This healing process is essential medicine for the Earth and humankind at this powerful time in our history. 

So, embrace the initiation that is taking place in the liminal space. Remember the vital role we can play, and the torch we bear as we move forward into paving different pathways of being and living and loving.

We will collectively contribute to the creation of what a golden era looks like. Necessary work awaits us. And while it does indeed require work, we are powerfully upheld and supported by the energies of this new dawn. 

In my novel Carry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call, Sharay exemplifies the process of transformation. Her jealous Aunt Phoebe commits her to a psychiatric ward and falsely accuses her of murdering her uncle. Phoebe uses black magic to steal Sharay’s fortune and magical power. Sharay struggles with the temptation to fight Phoebe’s dark powers with her own dark side. She must transform her fear of loss, her hatred for her aunt and thirst for revenge in order to uncover the mystery held deep within her cells that will allow her to fulfill her destiny–embodied love, the ultimate magic.


What do you need to face, to embrace, to heal and transform, in order to help bring to fruition the shift of consciousness available to us now in this new dawn?

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