Jodine Turner


Carry On The Flame Sysnopsis

Synopsis of: Carry on the Flame – Destiny’s Call
Humanity is in the midst of the greatest crisis in their evolution. Sharay is the one chosen to show the way forward and help humankind move through the fear and dark times of today’s world. Born into a lineage of priestesses in modern day Glastonbury, England, Sharay’s way is blocked by her jealous Aunt Phoebe, who uses black magic against her to steal her fortune and magical power. When Phoebe commits Sharay to a psychiatric ward and accuses her of murder, Sharay struggles with the temptation to fight Phoebe’s vengeance with her own. Through the ancient Celtic ceremony of Beltaine, Sharay experiences profound sacred union with the Welshman Guethyn, who shows her how to open her heart. But Sharay must learn to transform her hatred for her aunt in order to claim the mystery held deep within her cells that will allow her to fulfill her destiny and prove that the ultimate magic is the power of love.Endorsements for Carry on the Flame – Destiny’s CallJodine Turner has created a suspense-filled novel of magical realism, bridging the ancient past and the present day, combining subtle magic with fated love and crime detection, culminating in a powerful message of love and compassion, vital for us all. You will be drawn into this magical book, and you will not regret it!R.J.Stewart, author, composer, and teacher, with 40 books in publication on Celtic Mythology and ancestral land-oriented spiritual paths.Fantastic Fiction. There are many magical stories out there in the publishing industry, but this is one author who has created a new fresh mythic tale that readers will love.Amy Lignor – Reviewer for the Feathered QuillIn these perilous times, the presence of the Divine Feminine, embodied as ordinary women like Sharay Kallah, as you and me, is what is most needed to shift the planetary consciousness to love …Jodine Turner’s characters mirror archetypes we can see in the world as well as within our own psyches. Like Sharay, we can come to know and alchemize the shadow forces within us that suppress or deny love and beauty and engender separateness.Sheila Foster – Founder and steward of The Temple of the Sacred Feminine

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