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The New Visionary Fiction Alliance

Visionary Fiction speaks the language of the soul. It offers a vision of humanity as we dream it could be. At a time where our world is going through so much tumultuous change, we need more Visionary Fiction. ~Jodine Turner

Those of you who have read my novels or follow my blog know I write Visionary Fiction. It is the title of this blog. It is my passion, and its themes guide the writing of my novels. So, you may notice that I have a new banner logo in the right column of this page: ‘VFA Founding Member’. It stands for ‘Visionary Fiction Alliance’. I’m so proud to be a Founding Member.

The whole thing began a couple months ago when I posted my Visionary Fiction article from Writer’s Journal on my blog and then linked it to my Goodreads page. From that emerged a small network of author colleagues who also write Visionary Fiction – Saleena Karim, Shannan Sinclair and I started a web ring in order to discuss the genre. Many of us who write this genre have the experience of finding it challenging to place our novels under the category of Fantasy, or Inspirational, or Speculative, or Sci-Fi. Why? Because while Visionary Fiction may contain elements of these genres, they do not accurately reflect nor describe just what Visionary Fiction is.

Our initial discussions on Goodreads attracted 9 other authors. We decided to formalize our connection and develop a blog with the purpose of increasing the awareness of the genre of Visionary Fiction. We have 12 Founding Member authors, and have already attracted several new members before we even officially launched the blog site! 

Our blog is dedicated to the promotion of visionary fiction and is a resource for readers, authors, agents, reviewers, and publishers. We go live on the new moon of August 17th –  the perfect time to launch new projects. I will post more when the Visionary Fiction Alliance blog officially launches.

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