Jodine Turner


Self Isolating, Imagining a New World, and the Role of Visionary Fiction

I am self isolating, staying at home with my husband and our cats.
I am isolated at home but feeling a deep connection with every other person in our world going through the pandemic, having their own experience, their own struggles, their own fears, maybe even points of joy and love and rediscovery.
We are in this together. Maybe this will be a changing point for a shift in consciousness. Just like in Visionary Fiction novels’ stories.
I am a Visionary Fiction author. We are all now living and experiencing what the philosophy of Visionary Fiction is all about. It is about transforming awareness and consciousness. Hopefully, like Visionary Fiction, we are envisioning a world as we dream it could be.
My vision is one of connection and collaboration in respect and love. That is what embodied love is about. Living it in daily life, in the trenches of suffering and pain and fear, yet still embodying love amidst it all. That is the central theme of all of my Visionary Fiction novels. The magic and alchemy of embodied love.
Visionary Fiction stories can be a beacon of hope. What do you envision the world could be?

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