Jodine Turner


Readers’ Favorite Review

I am so pleased and honored by this 5 star rating and review from Readers’ Favorite for my new novel, The Hidden Abbey. 

Review Rating: 5 Stars – 

Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

The Hidden Abbey by Jodine Turner is both 
fantasy and visionary fiction, with a 
historical setting in the worlds of Avalon 
and Glastonbury Abbey, split between 
two separate timelines and skillfully 
developed to explore two lovers from a 
distant past reborn into modern day for 
a second chance. The reader is immersed 
into a world of magic and esoteric 
practices, with the Christian perception 
of life merging with 
the pagan.

In sixteenth-century Avalon, Marissa is 

the legendary priestess of the Isle of 
Avalon, an impulsive and spirited, 
beautiful young woman who must 
learn the science of becoming the 
High Priestess. But she has a secret love 
affair with a monk called Michael, the 
same who saved her from drowning as
a child. Marissa and Michael are tasked 
to safeguard the Creation Bowl—the 
sacred vessel containing the wisdom 
of the ancient Goddess tradition that 
has the power to heal the world. But 
when King Henry VIII destroys all the 
abbeys, the treasure is at great risk 
and the struggle to protect it leads to 
the separation of the lovers. 

In the twenty-first century, Marissa and 
Michael are given a second chance. Can 
they rekindle the flame of the love they 
once experienced and lost and also 
bring back the power of the Creation 
Bowl to a world badly in need of it?

A work of great imagination and 

creative genius, The Hidden Abbey is 
tantalizing narrative with great 
potential to entertain a wide audience.
It contains hints of the historical, 
mystical, and the supernatural. The 
author paints a vivid setting and pulls 
readers in with the power of imagery. 
The characters are elaborately 
developed and filled with depth; 
they are relatable and it is interesting 
how they evolve through the narrative. 

The author creates a powerful 
dialogue between the Christian 
religion and the ancient mysticism 
of the pagan world and weaves a 
narrative that is both uplifting and 
heartwarming. It is a beautifully 
crafted story with powerful 
plotlines, merging the past and
the present in an adventure that is 

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