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Meet Sharay’s love interest, Guethyn

The Romance scene contest is coming this Sunday. In preparation, yesterday you met Sharay, the main character from my upcoming novel, Carry on the Flame. Now, let me introduce you to Guethyn, her romantic interest (that’s putting it mildly!).
Guethyn Sulwyn is the grandson of the elder, eccentric wizard, Dillon. It’s through Dillon that Guethyn meets Sharay. Guethyn is a university student in marine biology. He is passionate about his chosen career, and there’s a lot at stake for him to finish his degree. He’s tall, with shoulder length tawny colored hair, and clear blue eyes the color of the ocean he studies. Guethyn has a past he’s running from. Meeting Sharay won’t let him forget.
Guethyn is Welsh, born in the mystical mountains of Wales, the western coastal country of the United Kingdom. His name in Welsh means: Guethyn – dark skinned; Sulwyn – fair sun.

Meet Sharay and Guethyn together tomorrow!

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