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Meet my main character – Sharay

The romance excerpt contest I mentioned in my last post asks for novel snippets about love in its many forms. Romantic, yes, but inclusive of love that may be cozy, complicated, new, old, platonic, mysterious, tension filled, warm. I will post my scene this Sunday. First I ‘d like you to meet Carry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call main character, Sharay.

Sharay has been chosen. But nobody told her.

Modern day Glastonbury, England holds the key to an ancient prophecy. It had been foretold that a young priestess would be born to help humankind through the dark turbulence before the birth of a golden era. Such are the times of today’s world.

Sharay loses her parents in a car crash before she can be trained in the magical Celtic, Goddess tradition that will prepare her for her destiny. For the next seven years she lives under the guardianship of her weak-willed Uncle Larry and her undermining Aunt Phoebe. A powerful priestess in her own right, Phoebe is obsessed with desire for the wealth and power Sharay inherited. Embittered, she turns to Black Magic and uses it against Sharay.

Phoebe ruthlessly belittles Sharay’s spontaneous visions of the Goddess as crazy and misguided, causing Sharay to distrust and reject the Goddess. The only thing Sharay cherishes is the one memento of her parents she has been allowed to keep – a photograph of the three of them by the ocean.

When Sharay turns seventeen, Phoebe takes her to a psychiatrist who misinterprets Sharay’s visions of the Goddess as psychotic hallucinations and has her institutionalized. Alone and afraid, Sharay doubts herself and her magical abilities. Until she meets the eccentric elder wizard, Dillon…and his grandson, the mysterious and attractive Guethyn.

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