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February 1st marks the ancient Celtic Festival of Imbolc. It is the herald of early spring, the time when lambs are being birthed and the first delicate white flowers of the Snowdrop bloom. It is the feast day of the Goddess Brighid, also known as St. Brigid.

Years ago, when I lived in Glastonbury I wrote a poem dedicated to Brighid, Goddess of smith-craft, poetry, and healing. My publisher placed copies in a friend’s shop on the High Street in Glastonbury. After I had returned to the U.S.A. I was contacted by the German singer-songwriter, Miriam Carl Boluk. Miriam asked for my permission to use my poem as lyrics for her band’s song dedicated to Brighid, on their upcoming album. The band, Cool Masala, released their album, featuring the song Brighid.

You can listen Here to the song Brighid, sung by Miriam Carl Boluk. It’s a nice way to celebrate and honor Brighid on her feast day.

Ancient Brigid
Mother of the Power of Love,
Triple Goddess of the three form flame,
Your perpetual light touches both the Heavens and the Earth,
and unites them
Hearts aflame with the passion of fire,
Where the metals of your smith-crafting
forge a new dawn.
May your perfectly temper our creations
with your cooling waters.
May your inspiration flow through us,
as we express our beauty.
May we continue to find you ever present,
as we heal and make whole
the planet and ourselves.
© Jodine Turner 
© The Goddess Brighid, Miranda Gray;
© Border by Courtney Davis from ‘Celtic Gods Celtic Goddesses’ by R.J. Stewart

Brighid/ Cool Masala          
(lyrics: ©Jodine Cognato Turner)                                    
I see you burning bright, Brighid
In my heart, in the heart of the world, Brighid

A flame that touches both earth and sky

Illuminating perpetually, dancing in the sun
Cooling in the waters, maker of smithcraft, midwife of love
Burning the coals to keep the heartfire alive
To learn how to make a Brighid’s cross, the sun cross, visit the wonderful Mara Freeman’s blog. Weaving a Brighid’s cross is another wonderful way to celebrate Imbolc.
Brighid’s sun cross.

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