Jodine Turner


Evolution through women

“Because women carry the baton of evolution, through the children they bear, into the next generation, Nature has designed their biology to reflect the critical importance of this role to the survival and evolution of the human race.” Annie Meredith
I love this quote. It is about the phenomena of evolution, but it is an embodied perspective, not merely an abstract concept.
In my Goddess of the Stars and the Sea trilogy, the Goddess is the divine feminine force of evolution. She inspires humanity during the turbulent times that precede radical change.The evolution She assists with is that of embodied love. This is the evolution we are called to participate in today, for the sake of our present day as well as our future. It is about love changing how we (both men and women) respond to our world; love emanating from inside us out into our world, into our behaviours, into our interactions with others. Love that is deeply received and generously given. Love that can actually change the very cells of our body. 
Embodied love is an evolution of both men and women, an evolution of the whole of humankind. Yet it is women who represent the physical embodiment of this  force. As Annie says, nature  has designed our biology to reflect this crucial evolutionary role.

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