New release – The Hidden Abbey

A fated love and a sacred destiny brought through time. The Hidden Abbey interweaves the story of two lovers who must fulfill a fated mission that spans across centuries and two lifetimes. In sixteenth century England, Marissa is a headstrong apprentice priestess of the mystical and legendary Isle of Avalon. she must learn to be … Read more

As many authors do, I entered my latest manuscript, The Hidden Abbey, in a contest – The Reader’s Favorite Contest and Review. I got my novel’s first pre-publication review, and it was very gratifying. Writing is a passion – reaching readers is the fulfillment of that passion! The Hidden Abbey will be published later this year. Review Rating: … Read more

Oregon Writers Colony Award

My novel, The Hidden Abbey, isn’t professionally edited yet. Oh, yes, I have worked on it and revised it over and again, as writers do. But it lacks the polishing touches of an editor helping to ripen it for publication. Nevertheless, I entered it into the Oregon Writers Colony 2018 Writing Contest. And I won First … Read more

Novel Writing Festival’s Logline of the Day

My upcoming novel, The Hidden Abbey, was honored as the Novel Writing Festival’s Logline of the day today. Glastonbury Abbey ruins LOGLINE: The Visionary Fiction Novel, The Hidden Abbey, takes place in both the 16th and the 21st centuries. A headstrong priestess of Avalon, Marissa, falls in love with Michael, who defies his father’s military aspirations for him … Read more

Here is my latest interview on the creative process and what it means to write Visionary Fiction. Interview Jodine Turner “Listen to Jodine Cognato Turner‘s interview about Visionary Fiction. Her interview is engaging, and she explains what is visionary fiction, the creative process of writing and also an explanation of writer’s block and what it can … Read more

Reading Salon was a Success

I am writing my sixth novel, titled the Hidden Abbey. It is, of course, Visionary Fiction, which means stories with spiritual or metaphysical elements that are geared to offering the reader a shift in consciousness. Last weekend, I joined a group of other writers, including those from my writing critique group “The Destiny Writers,” to present … Read more

Visionary Fiction in Today’s World

Visionary Fiction speaks the language of the soul. It contains all the elements of modern storytelling yet there is a deeper layer, an archetypal level. This level invites a reader to personally undergo the mystical inner initiations that the book’s character experiences. Visionary Fiction (VF) not only entertains, it embeds esoteric wisdom and paranormal experiences … Read more

“Visionary Fiction” Now Officially on Wikipedia

This news is so big, I had to reblog it from our Visionary Fiction Alliance blogsite where it originally appeared. Visionary Fiction , the genre or category of my novels, is coming into its own and being recognized on bigger levels. It has now passed through the gate-keeping at Wikipedia and is officially listed therein. Thank … Read more

How to Embody Love: an Adorata Virtues Webinar

“The sixteen Virtues are the pillars of My heart. Stand strong among these pillars and you will build your own temple of Sacred Union.” ~Divine Mother, from Adorata: the Path of Enlovement I came to the Adorata path in a round about way. My background is in nursing and I hold a doctorate degree in … Read more