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Jodine Turner’s Award Winning Visionary Fiction FREE January 4th and 6th on Amazon

For Immediate Press Release: A Modern Day Priestess Faces Her Dark Side – Award Winning Visionary Fiction Carry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call Carry on the Flame: Ultimate Magic by Jodine Turner  “Visionary Fiction speaks the language of the soul.” ~Jodine Turner Hillsboro, OR, January 3, 2016 – Award winning author Jodine Turner announces the release … Read more


February 1st marks the ancient Celtic Festival of Imbolc. It is the herald of early spring, the time when lambs are being birthed and the first delicate white flowers of the Snowdrop bloom. It is the feast day of the Goddess Brighid, also known as St. Brigid. Years ago, when I lived in Glastonbury I … Read more

It’s Halloween today – the celebration the ancient Celts called Samhain. My Visionary Fiction novels incorporate many such ancient Celtic traditions, legends, and lore. Samhain acknowledges and honors the worlds of the seen and unseen – our everyday world, and the worlds of imagination, mystery, and spirit. Visionary Fiction is storytelling that explores the magical … Read more

The union of the Muse and the Mess

I’ve been in my writing group for seven years. They are my first line readers. I really want their frank critiques to help my manuscript grow into its best possibility. I can’t imagine writing without their feedback. In our last writer’s meeting, we pondered the question, “Who writes?” When we sit down at the computer, who is … Read more

Virtual Book Tour thank you!

I appreciate all the great folks who stopped by to say hi during my Virtual Book Tour. I hope you enjoyed all the book excerpts, interviews, and book trailer to celebrate Carry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call. Thank you Bels of TheBookishSnob for organizing my Book Tour. You are wonderful! And a thank you to all the fantastic … Read more

Big Giveaway!

I am happy to announce my BIG – yes, really big – Giveaway for my blog stop on my Virtual Book Tour! I am offering the following to a reader worldwide: One e-book PDF edition of my new novel Carry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call    And if the winner lives within the United States (due to shipping … Read more

Authors bleed

I was recently asked if I’d had rejections for my novels…and how did I handle them. This quote by Sports writer “Red Smith” says it – “There’s nothing to writing.  All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.”  My gosh yes, I’ve had my fair share of rejections (I shamelessly admit!). It’s … Read more

Evolution through women

“Because women carry the baton of evolution, through the children they bear, into the next generation, Nature has designed their biology to reflect the critical importance of this role to the survival and evolution of the human race.” Annie Meredith I love this quote. It is about the phenomena of evolution, but it is an embodied … Read more

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