Jodine Turner


Book Giveaway News

Why do authors offer book giveaways? Being honest, of course there is a practical publicity side. We want to spur interest and reach as many readers as we can. It is often a giving from the heart, a chance to help spread the word about our literary creations. In the case of the VFA launch … Read more

The Place of Visionary Fiction in Today’s World – guest post

I am so pleased to share this insightful and thought provoking article with you about the genre of books I write – visionary fiction. Please enjoy this guest post by author Saleena Karim. Saleena is part of the Vistionary Fiction Web Ring, a group of visionary fiction authors devoted to promoting the genre of Visionary Fiction. … Read more

Guest Blog Post – Introducing the Visionary Fiction Ring. Posted by Saleena Karim

Visionary Fiction is the main genre, or category, of my novels. I wrote an article for Writer’s Journal a few years ago, as well as a blog post describing this genre a few months ago. Visionary fiction is an ancient storytelling art but a relatively new genre for the publishing industry. Recently, I’ve had a … Read more

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