Jodine Turner


The Celtic Imram

The ancient Celts told epic stories of voyages across the seven seas in a boat. The destination—to travel uncharted waters, to go beyond the ninth wave, to the golden lands of the Otherworld. The travelers embarked on what they called an Imram. The Imram is an allegory for a soul quest, a spiritual journey, a … Read more

Amazon $100 Reader Giveaway – and Carry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call

Your chance to win a $100 Amazon eGift card.Enter (everyday if you want) through April 26th. My Visionary Fiction novel Carry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call (award-winning and best-selling) is one of 13 books offered. Enter here   http://ow.ly/xVxj50zihb7 If you like The Mists of Avalon, you’ll love Carry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call. Humanity is in … Read more

Free Ebook for a limited time – Carry on the Flame: Ultimate Magic Book Two

I am extending my National Women’s History Month gift to include Book Two of Carry on the Flame: Ultimate Magic. From today, March 15, through Monday March 19th, you can download a free Kindle Ebook copy. If you don’t have a Kindle it’s easy to download the free Kindle app right on the Amazon.com website. … Read more

Carry on the Flame: Ultimate Magic

“Visionary fiction speaks the language of the soul”    During this time of the upcoming full moon, my newest novel, Book Two of Carry on the Flame: Ultimate Magic just released. This is right on the heels of Book One of Carry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call receiving four awards, including being an award winning finalist … Read more

Visionary Fiction: What is this fiction genre anyway? Part 4

This is Part 4, the final part in my Visionary Fiction series, describing this increasingly popular fiction genre. You can read Part 1 here, and Parts 3 & 4 in the posts immediately below. Visionary Fiction speaks the language of the soul. My own visionary fiction series is told through the eyes of the Goddess of the … Read more

Visionary Fiction – What is this fiction genre anyway?

I write  fantasy, urban fantasy, magical realism, and paranormal romance. But I primarily write visionary fiction. It’s not a genre that is as well known as, let’s say, urban fantasy. But, it has a loyal following, and it is no longer meshed under fantasy headings. It is distinct and becoming increasingly popular. I want to … Read more

Virtual Book Tour begins today

Within the womb of last night’s dark moon, a new beginning was made possible. ~Allison Rae I’m celebrating the new beginning for Carry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call with a Virtual Book Tour. It’s just like an old-fashioned book tour except it is hosted by book reviewers and book bloggers on the internet. Here is … Read more

Carry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call is now available

Carry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call Book One may be past its expected due date, but it is finally born into the world and is available as of today. It is the harvest time, the cycle of the seasons the ancient Celtic poeple called Lughnasadh – a time to reap the fruits of your labors of love. A perfect time … Read more

Goddess Magic in Avalon: a ritual of re-membering

My newest novel (releases August 1), Carry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call Book One, takes place in modern day Glastonbury, England. Glastonbury has also been known through the ages as the mythical Isle of Avalon, the Enchanted Isle, Ynis Witrin, and the Celtic Otherworld. It is indeed an enchanted land of rejuvenation and regeneration. Some even … Read more

Meet Sharay’s love interest, Guethyn

The Romance scene contest is coming this Sunday. In preparation, yesterday you met Sharay, the main character from my upcoming novel, Carry on the Flame. Now, let me introduce you to Guethyn, her romantic interest (that’s putting it mildly!). Guethyn Sulwyn is the grandson of the elder, eccentric wizard, Dillon. It’s through Dillon that Guethyn meets Sharay. Guethyn … Read more

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