Jodine Turner


Visionary Fiction in Today’s World

Visionary Fiction speaks the language of the soul. It contains all the elements of modern storytelling yet there is a deeper layer, an archetypal level. This level invites a reader to personally undergo the mystical inner initiations that the book’s character experiences. Visionary Fiction (VF) not only entertains, it embeds esoteric wisdom and paranormal experiences … Read more

How to Embody Love: an Adorata Virtues Webinar

“The sixteen Virtues are the pillars of My heart. Stand strong among these pillars and you will build your own temple of Sacred Union.” ~Divine Mother, from Adorata: the Path of Enlovement I came to the Adorata path in a round about way. My background is in nursing and I hold a doctorate degree in … Read more

Carry on the Flame: Ultimate Magic now on Kindle. Plus enter to win my two book give-away!

Carry on the Flame: Ultimate Magic Book Two is now available in Kindle format. To celebrate my award winning series I am excited to offer you an opportunity to win a copy of both Carry on the Flame books – Destiny’s Call and Ultimate Magic. Through adventure and suspense filled story, my urban fantasy novels carry keys … Read more

Carry on the Flame: Ultimate Magic

“Visionary fiction speaks the language of the soul”    During this time of the upcoming full moon, my newest novel, Book Two of Carry on the Flame: Ultimate Magic just released. This is right on the heels of Book One of Carry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call receiving four awards, including being an award winning finalist … Read more

Elizabeth Cunningham, Red Robed Priestess: Interview Part 2

Virtual Book Tour Stop for Red Robed Priestess Interview by Jodine Turner This is Part Two of my interview with the wonderful Elizabeth Cunningham, author of Red Robed Priestess, the fourth and final installment in the Maeve Chronicles. You will again also meet with Maeve, the series’ main character and Celtic born Mary Magdalen. In Part … Read more

Interview with the fabulous Elizabeth Cunningham, author of Red Robed Priestess

Virtual Book Tour Stop for Red Robed Priestess Interview by Jodine Turner I am delighted for the opportunity to interview Elizabeth Cunningham about her recently released novel in the Maeve Chronicles, called Red Robed Priestess. Elizabeth is a modern day Celtic Bard whose words flow like milk and honey. When I was reading Red Robed Priestess, my … Read more

Virtual Book Tour begins today

Within the womb of last night’s dark moon, a new beginning was made possible. ~Allison Rae I’m celebrating the new beginning for Carry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call with a Virtual Book Tour. It’s just like an old-fashioned book tour except it is hosted by book reviewers and book bloggers on the internet. Here is … Read more

Meet my main character – Sharay

The romance excerpt contest I mentioned in my last post asks for novel snippets about love in its many forms. Romantic, yes, but inclusive of love that may be cozy, complicated, new, old, platonic, mysterious, tension filled, warm. I will post my scene this Sunday. First I ‘d like you to meet Carry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call main … Read more

Divine Feminine novels

Visionary Fiction is a genre of writing that tells a metaphysical tale. Readers can get a first hand experience of spiritual insight through the challenges the characters face and their ultimate resolution. The story acts as a gateway to the Divine. Divine Feminine visionary fiction deals specifically with themes of sacred feminine energy. Not the … Read more

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