Jodine Turner


The Celtic Imram

The ancient Celts told epic stories of voyages across the seven seas in a boat. The destination—to travel uncharted waters, to go beyond the ninth wave, to the golden lands of the Otherworld. The travelers embarked on what they called an Imram. The Imram is an allegory for a soul quest, a spiritual journey, a … Read more

Winter Solstice Blessings

Avebury, England at winter, photo by Chris Turner Winter Solstice, Yule, December 21, is the longest night of the Wheel of the Year’s annual cycle of seasonal festivals. The power of the sun is at is lowest point. But from this day onward, the sun experiences a rebirth, where each day we will begin to see more … Read more

Elizabeth Cunningham, Red Robed Priestess: Interview Part 2

Virtual Book Tour Stop for Red Robed Priestess Interview by Jodine Turner This is Part Two of my interview with the wonderful Elizabeth Cunningham, author of Red Robed Priestess, the fourth and final installment in the Maeve Chronicles. You will again also meet with Maeve, the series’ main character and Celtic born Mary Magdalen. In Part … Read more

Interview with the fabulous Elizabeth Cunningham, author of Red Robed Priestess

Virtual Book Tour Stop for Red Robed Priestess Interview by Jodine Turner I am delighted for the opportunity to interview Elizabeth Cunningham about her recently released novel in the Maeve Chronicles, called Red Robed Priestess. Elizabeth is a modern day Celtic Bard whose words flow like milk and honey. When I was reading Red Robed Priestess, my … Read more

Visionary Fiction: What is this fiction genre anyway? Part 2

The genre of visionary fiction is a journey of the soul. I write fantasy, urban fantasy, magical realism, and paranormal romance. But I primarily write visionary fiction. It’s not a genre that is as well known as, let’s say, urban fantasy. But, it has a loyal following, and it is no longer meshed under fantasy … Read more

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