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Carry on the Flame – I’m expecting!

When a woman is pregnant we say she is ‘expecting’. She looks forward to her due date, and as the end of her third trimester approaches, she may even cling to that due date like a life raft, eagerly awaiting her baby’s birth. She’s counting on that date!

I feel like a pregnant, past her due date mother. August 1st was the date my publisher assigned for the birth of my book into the world. While I wasn’t waiting for a baby, I was certainly awaiting the delivery of my creation. I was expecting! However, book distribution channels such as Amazon.com, etc., have their own schedules and timing. On a bigger scale, apparently the Goddess does, too.

So, while I was previously expecting, I am now surrendering. I give up trying to figure out exactly what day my novel will release. I surrender to a force that’s wiser than I am with regards to timing. No, this wiser force is not Amazon.com, although the matter is indeed in their hands – when they put my novel up live, it will then be available for purchase. The wiser force I am referring to here is the birth force, the creation force. The Goddess who was the inspiration for my novel series.

I apologize to all those who contacted me on August 1st, wanting to get a hold of Carry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call. I may be past my due date, but I am told it shouldn’t be too long before my newest novel is available. I will post as soon as it is. And this expectant author will humbly continue to surrender to that wiser timing.

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