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Why do authors offer book giveaways? Being honest, of course there is a practical publicity side. We want to spur interest and reach as many readers as we can. It is often a giving from the heart, a chance to help spread the word about our literary creations. In the case of the VFA launch giveaway, it is a celebration of the labor of love in creating the Visionary Fiction Alliance and blog, and we wanted to generously share our joy.

The Visionary Fiction Alliance is hosting a multiple book giveaway as part of its premiere launch. There are seven titles from several  award winning or best-selling, really great Visionary Fiction authors including: Saleena Karim, Sandy Nathan, D.E. Lamont, Michelle Gordon, Michael Sussman, Peggy Payne, and…me! 

Enter here for the chance to win the Visionary Fiction titles that include: Tales from Earth End, The Way of the Eagle, Crashing Eden, Revelation, Systems, The Doorway to PAM, and Carry on the Flame. One lucky winner will receive all seven VF novels! (Actually, it’ll be nine novels, as one author is giving away 3 parts of a series). Ebook formats vary, but most are either Kindle, epub (Nook, Palm, iPad, etc.) or PDF.

Also, there are 5 days left to enter my Goodreads novel Giveaway where I am offering a chance to win a copy of Carry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call.

Good luck to all who enter!

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