Carry on the Flame: Ultimate Magic Born   into   a   lineage   of   priestesses   in   modern   day   Glastonbury,   England, Sharay    is    chosen    by    the    Goddess    of    the    Stars    and    the    Sea    to    help humankind   move   through   the   fear   and   chaos   of   today’s   world.   To   do   so, she   has   to   face   her   grief,   loss,   and   her   own   dark   side.   Her   way   is   blocked by   her   jealous Aunt   Phoebe,   who   uses   black   magic   against   Sharay   to   steal her   fortune   and   her   magical   powers.   When   Phoebe   accuses   her   of   insanity and   murder,   it’s   the   elder,   eccentric   wizard   Dillon   who   sets   Sharay   on   the Celtic   ‘Imram,’   a   quest   designed   to   awaken   her   magical   abilities   as   a priestess.   And   it’s   Dillon’s   grandson   Guethyn   who   shows   Sharay   how   to open    her    heart    in    the    Beltaine    Ritual,    the    ancient    Celtic    ceremony    of sacred union. Hunted   by   the   police,   stalked   by   a   demonic   Tracker   conjured   by   her   aunt, and   torn   from   everyone   she   loves,   Sharay   struggles   with   the   temptation   to fight   Phoebe’s   dark   powers   with   her   own.   She   must   transform   her   fear   and   hatred   for   her   aunt   in order   to   uncover   the   mystery   held   deep   within   her   cells   that   will   allow   her   to   fulfill   her   destiny   –   a secret   only   she   can   discover.   When   separated   from   Guethyn’s   protection,   Sharay   continues   on   her Imram alone, in this spellbinding conclusion to Carry on the Flame. Endorsements for Carry on the Flame: Ultimate Magic Carry   on   the   Flame:   Ultimate   Magic   is   more   than   a   novel   about   romance,   intrigue,   courage,   and   the redemption   that   comes   from   following   one’s   own   innermost   calling. This   book   is   a   revelation   of   deep spiritual   truths   that   are   the   foundation   for   a   new   humanity   based   on   love.   It   is   a   page   turner   with   a profound message that might change your life. Tiziana DellaRovere - author and founder of Adorata, the spiritual path of Enlovement If you have not yet discovered the magical and visionary work of Jodine Turner, now is the time. Kathleen McGowna - International bestselling author This   gripping   tale   of   magic   and   adventure,   set   in   both   ancient   and   modern   Britain,   should   appeal   to lovers of Celtic fantasy everywhere! Mara Freeman - author and Director of the Avalon Mystery School Carry   on   the   Flame   is   an   exciting   read   for   modern   day   people   who   love   the   Divine   Feminine;   with intrigue,   fighting   the   dark   arts,   and   the   challenges   of   facing   a   great   destiny.   This   is   a   Goddess- inspired page turner you won't put down until the end. Kathy Jones - author, Priestess of Avalon Initiator and teacher This   is   a   visionary   fiction   novel   of   tremendous   depth   and   characterization   for   any   age,   a   compelling story   of   a   young   woman   coming   into   her   own   power,   coming   into   living   the   life   she   was   born   to   live. If   you   feel   you   are   not   listening   to   your   most   authentic   heart   and   want   to,   Sharay's   bumpy   journey   is yours.   If   you   have   ever   felt   you   have   a   calling   or   a   mission   in   life   that   you   resisted   or   if   you   are experiencing the challenges of stepping up to meet that call, Sharay's journey is yours Alissa Lukarra - author and founder of Transformational Writers
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