The sixteen Virtues are the pillars of My heart. Stand strong among these pillars and you will build your own temple of Sacred Union.” ~Divine Mother, from Adorata: the Path of Enlovement Thank you for expressing interest in the Adorata Virtue Course I will be offering. I   came   to   the   Adorata   path   in   a   round   about   way.   My   background   is   in   nursing   and   I   hold   a   doctorate   degree   in counseling.   But   for   the   last   15   years   I   have   been   an   author   of   Visionary   Fiction.   Visionary   Fiction   is   storytelling   that may   have   paranormal,   metaphysical,   or   spiritual   aspects,   but   most   of   all,   it   gives   the   reader   an   intimate   experience of   a   shift   in   consciousness   through   the   characters   experiences   in   the   story.   The   theme   in   my   novels   is   always about embodied love. Embodied   love   is   the   alchemy   of   Sacred   Union   within   your   body   and   heart.   Embodied   love   is   practical   and   down   to earth.   It   is   your   capacity   to   give   love   and   be   loved,   in   all   of   love's   forms.   It   comes   through   harmonizing   your   inner female and inner male. I   prayed   and   knew   that   one   day   I   would   find   a   body   of   teachings   and   a   spiritual   path   that   could   teach   people,   in practical   ways,   exactly   how   to   embody   love.   Well,   my   prayers   were   answered   when   I   found   the   system   called Adorata, founded by the Italian-born modern day mystic, artist, and humanitarian, Tiziana DellaRovere. I   am   a   certified   Adorata   Practitioner,   having   undergone   a   five   year   training   program.   I   will   be   offering   the   Adorata Virtue   Course   in   the   first   eight   foundational   Adorata   Virtues   of   Purity,   Serenity,   Wisdom,   Abundance,   Devotion, Harmony, Passion, and Trust. This   course   is   offered   as   an   online,   interactive,   virtual   webinar   class   through   CSourceWisdom.   The   class   will   meet for   two   hours   once   a   month   for   eight   months,   with   exercises   and   initiatory   practices   provided   for   in   between classes. The   fee   for   the   classes   can   be   paid   in   monthly   installements   of   $60,   or   upfront   for   $465. The   beautiful Adorata   book entitled Adorata: the Path of Enlovement , by Tiziana DellaRovere, is included. Classes begin in August 2014 and carry on through March 2015. Class time is Saturdays from 10 am– 12 pm PST. August 9, 2014 Sept 6 Oct 11 Nov 8 Dec 6 Jan 10, 2015 Feb 7 March 7 I invite you to join me to engage in the initiations of embodying love! To register, click here: CSourceWisdom Each class will include: 1 . The complete Adorata Meditation. 2 . Readings   from   the   mystical   teachings   of   the   Virtue.   Divine   Mother’s   words   speak   directly   to   you   poetically and   evocatively,   to   transmit   the   essence   of   the   Virtue   and   give   you   an   experience   of   immersion   into   that Virtue. 3 . Reflections   on   the   Virtue.   This   will   explain   the   Virtue   for   a   more   linear   level   of   understanding,   and   in   a   way that is practical and applicable to our everyday human lives. 4 . Contemplation   of   and   transmissions   from   the   Virtue   paintings.   This   experience   will   speak   to   your   intuition and direct knowing. 5 . Practical   exercises   to   ground   the   Virtue   in   your   body   and   in   your   daily   life. These   exercises   will   guide   you   to apply   the   teachings   of   the   Virtue   to   your   personal   growth,   or   to   externalize   the   divine   principles   of   the   Virtue in your relationships with others, and the world. 6 . Break   out   time   in   small   and   large   group   to   ask   questions,   and,   if   you   would   like,   to   share   your   experiences from the class activities. 7 . Explanation   of   the   upcoming   month’s   coursework   assignments,   all   geared   to   helping   you   deepen   your experience of the Virtue. 8 . Discussion/questions   about   the   past   month’s   initiatory   experiences   with   the   Virtue. The   transformations   that you   will   begin   to   see   happen   in   yourself   are   concrete   and   noticeable.   You   are   invited   to   share   your experiences   if   you   choose,   either   in   class   or   in   the   online   class   forum.   Possibilities   for   a   buddy   system   for connection in between classes is available. 9 . Prayer   of   Initiation. This   is   an   intimate,   personal   blessing   prayer   that   is   the   portal   of   initiation   into   the   sacred space of the Virtue. It will help you in your transformative experience of the Virtue. In   the   four   to   five   week’s   period   of   time   in   between   classes,   you   will   be   given   practices   to   help   you   embody   that month’s   Virtue.   These   practices   may   include   simple   contemplations,   insight   exercises,   meditations,   ritual,   dance, artwork,   collage   –   all   meant   to   help   you   apply   the   Virtue   by   creatively   embodying   the   Divine   Virtues   through   actions in the physical world in relationship to yourself and others.