Synopsis of: The Keys To Remember In   this   award   winning   continuation   of   the   Goddess   of   the   Stars and   the   Sea   series,   and   standalone   read,   humankind   is   once again on the threshold of a spiritual evolution. In   fourth   century   Glastonbury,   England,   six   year   old   Rhianna   is kidnapped   and   raised   in   a   Christian Abbey   but   has   never   forgotten grandmother's   prophecy   -   "Your   destiny   lies   with   the   Goddess   of the Stars and the Sea." She   alone   must   mid-wife   the   next   stage   of   spiritual   evolution,   as dark   times   approach   for   humanity.   Powerful   forces   within   both   the Abbey   and   the   priestess   community   conspire   to   keep   Rhianna from   her   rightful   destiny   and   her   true   love.   The   price   of   her   heroic quest is far higher than she expects.
Prologue from “The Keys To Remember”: The stars awaken Me from My dreamtime. "Am I needed?" I murmur sleepily. I hear their silver response and feel the angels gather round me. "Ah. Again humankind calls to me." I, the Goddess of the Stars and the Sea, look down upon the earth, gaze deeply into the affairs of men. The consciousness of humanity is ready to take its next step. "Is the one named Geodran prepared to assist me?" The angels smile brightly. "She is called Rhianna in this life. She has returned to help you. But she is young and remembers little of you." "As it should be. She will know Me as the calling grows stronger." Again, I peer into the hearts of men. "I hope I am not too late."
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