Guided Imagery for Relaxation MP3 Download Studies show that Guided Imagery and Relaxation can help you in: Reducing stress and anxiety Restful sleep Pain management Dr.   Jodine   Turner's   soothing   voice   will   guide   you   for   approximately   20   minutes   in   this   relaxation   and   guided imagery   program. The   calming   and   comforting   background   music   is   overlaid   with   ocean   and   womb   sounds, and   continues   on   for   nearly   30   minutes   after   the   relaxation   and   guided   imagery   portion.   Use   this   program once daily to achieve maximum results. It is best used in a quiet place where you can't be interrupted. Dr.   Jodine   Turner   has   used   guided   imagery   and   relaxation   for   over   25   years   to   help   patients   at   the   Johns Hopkins     Pain     Treatment     Center,     the     Psycho-Physiology     Center     at     University     of     Maryland,     the Complimentary   Medical   Center   at   University   of   Maryland,   as   part   of   the   Planetree   Integrative   Medicine initiative   at   Ashland   Community   Hospital   in   Oregon,   and   in   private   practice.   The   music   in   this   MP3   has been   hospital   tested   by   Dr.   Fred   J.   Schwartz,   M.D.,   recognized   expert   in   the   use   of   music   to   promote relaxation   in   the   operating   room.   The   music   was   composed   and   performed   by   Emmy   winning   musicians Burt and Joe Wolff. DO   NOT    use   while   driving   a   motor   vehicle   or   operating   machinery.   Dr.   Jodine Turner   does   not   assume,   and specifically   disclaims,   liability   in   connection   with   the   use   of   this   relaxation   and   guided   imagery   program. The information   is   strictly   educational   in   nature   and   does   not   constitute   medical   advice   for   a   medical   condition, nor is it a substitute for medical treatment. Music  – Transitions Music (BMI), Fred J. Schwartz, M.D., Executive Producer Audio engineering  – John Swinnerton Phone: 541-601-5947 Cover Photo  – Chris Turner Copyright 2008, Radical Transformation, LLC  - All rights reserved
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