Classes & Individual Sessions: Jodine   found   a   perfect   alignment   of   the   message   in   her   novels   with   the   Adorata   spiritual   path   of embodied   love   -   and   most   importantly,   in   its   very   practical   training   of   how   to   actually   achieve   the embodiment of divine love. Adorata   unites   Divine   Feminine   spirituality   with   a   new   archetype   of   Divine   Masculine   spirituality   to create   the   alchemy   of   Sacred   Union   within.   Its   body   of   teachings   harmonizes   your   inner   male   and female   to   help   you   more   fully   embody   love.   Adorata   was   founded   and   developed   by   the   modern day mystic, artist, and humanitarian, Tiziana DellaRovere. Jodine   was   inspired   when   she   discovered   how   profoundly   a   person   can   transform   through   doing the   Adorata   practices.   Jodine’s   background   is   in   nursing,   with   a   doctorate   degree   specializing   in   Health   Education, Stress   Management,   and   Family   Systems   Therapy.   She   is   now   a   certified   Adorata   Practitioner,   having   undergone   a five year training program with Tizania DellaRovere. Classes In    the    teleconference    classes    you    will    learn    about    the    16    archetypal    Virtues    of    Divine    Love.    The    Virtues    are fundamental   aspects   of   the   Divine   and   are   the   stepping   stones   on   the   path   of   embodied   love.   They   offer   a   sensory, mystical   experience   of   embodied   love   through   the   rich   poetry   and   prose   of   sacred   text,   the   beautiful   art   work representing   each   Virtue,   and   the   contemplations   and   practices   in   how   to   apply   them   to   your   daily   life.   Practicing   and applying these Virtues can help you to sustain and radiate an ever increasing flow of Divine Love. You   will   also   learn   the Adorata   Meditation   which   brings   matter   and   spirit   into   oneness   in   your   heart,   igniting   the   Divine spark   in   you.   The   meditation   is   nourishing   and   empowering.   It   harmonizes   the   polarities   of   your   inner   male   and   inner female within the Sanctum of your heart and physical body, which can increase your capacity to love and be loved. The   course   format   is   an   8   week   teleconference   that   consists   of   a   weekly   two   hour   class   and   includes   the   beautiful Adorata   course   workbook.   Or,   alternatively,   classes   meet   once   a   month   for   eight   months,   in   an   interactive   virtual   class webinar. Click here ....for the current class schedule. Individual Phone Sessions in the Descent and Enlovement Process To   fully   receive   and   give   love,   it   is   important   to   transform   and   heal   any   negative   patterns   embedded   in   your   deep psyche   and   soul.   In   individual   phone   sessions   you   will   be   guided   in   what’s   called   the   Descent   process   where   you   will interact   directly   with   these   shadow   patterns   and   transform   them   using   the   power   of   Divine   Love   –   the   most   potent power   there   is   to   heal   the   wounded   personal   archetypes   of   your   inner   feminine   and   inner   masculine.   This   alchemical transformation   releases   the   inherent   love,   gifts,   and   power,   which   can   result   in   spontaneous   loving   changes   in   your reactivity patterns and behaviors. It   is   important   to   note   that   Descent   work   is   NOT   psychology,   therapy   or   counseling,   but   a   spiritual   discipline.   Descents require   a   series   of   sessions,   and   the   number   of   sessions   is   individual   to   each   person.   The   fee   is   $75   for   a   50   minute Descent session. Jodine’s   strengths   as   an   Adorata   practitioner   are   in   her   professional   perspective   along   with   her   empathic   awareness. While   the   Adorata   classes   and   Descents   are   not   therapy,   Jodine’s   background   as   a   Ph.D.   nurse   and   therapist   has given   her   a   depth   of   understanding   for   the   psychological   dynamics   inherent   in   the   emotional   wounds   we   carry   in   our psyche   and   soul.   In   addition,   her   devotion   to   the   divine   love   within   us,   combined   with   her   ability   to   be   disciplined,   gives her the capacity to hold a sacred and safe space for her clients to do their Descent work. For information about classes and individual sessions or to schedule an appointment  click here to send an email.