Synopsis of: The Awakening: Rebirth of Atlantis The   Awakening    is    the    story    of    Geodran,    a    strong-willed    priestess    with ancestry   from   the   stars   who   lives   on   the   continent   of   Atlantis   during   the time leading to its destruction. The   final   days   of   Atlantis   are   marked   by   deceit,   lust,   and   greed.   The   once vibrant   culture,   blessed   with   advanced   knowledge   bestowed   upon   it   by   a race   of   star   beings,   now   suffers   with   a   corrupt   governing   body   and   a degenerate priesthood.   The   Goddess   of   the   Stars   and   the   Sea   is   awakened   from   Her   dreamtime with   the   knowing   that   a   change   for   humankind   approaches.   The   Goddess intervenes    to    assist    humanity,    and    calls    upon    the    young    priestess, Geodran,   to   be   Her   helper.   Geodran   struggles   to   fulfill   a   destiny   larger   than and   in   conflict   with   her   own   personal   desires,   a   destiny   bestowed   upon   her by    her    mother,    the    High    Priestess    Jaquine.    In    a    moment    of    maternal desperation,    Jaquine    had    promised    her    unborn    child,    Geodran,    to    the Goddess,   in   return   for   the   baby’s   safe   birth,   thus   sealing   her   daughter’s fate.   Geodran’s   journey   is   a   heroic   quest   to   bring   forth   the   next   era   of   human   civilization.   The Awakening   is an initiation into the mysteries of the Goddess of the Stars and the Sea. Prologue from: The Awakening: Rebirth of Atlantis
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