Jodine Turner



Jodine found a perfect alignment of the message in her novels with the Adorata spiritual path of embodied love – and most importantly, in its very practical training of how to actually achieve the embodiment of divine love. Adorata unites Divine Feminine spirituality with a new archetype of Divine Masculine spirituality to create the alchemy of Sacred Union within. Its body of teachings harmonizes your inner male and female to help you more fully embody love.

Adorata was founded and developed by the modern day mystic, artist, and humanitarian, Tiziana DellaRovere. Jodine was inspired when she discovered how profoundly a person can transform through doing the Adorata practices. Jodine’s background is in nursing, with a doctorate degree specializing in Health Education, Stress Management, and Family Systems Therapy. She is now a certified Adorata Practitioner, having undergone a five year training program with Tizania DellaRovere.

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